UnscrambLEX is a helper for the popular word games that involve a tile rack such as Words with Friends. By providing the letters that you have in your rack, UnscrambLEX will unscramble the letters to form all the possible words you can make, and display the number of points that you will earn for placing that word on the board. You can choose the letter value by selecting either W or S from the Options screen (it defaults to W, which is the Words with Friends scoring).

UnscrambLEX supports three popular dictionaries - ENABLE, SOWPODS and TWL06. Words with Friends uses the ENABLE dictionary plus a few extra words.

Whenever UnscrambLEX produces a word that contains 7 letters or more, a Star will appear to highlight that word.

For the inevitable "that's not a word" questions, if you click on the arrow next to the word, UnscrambLEX will try to find your word on the internet via dictionary.com